One Ashley Road Tottenham, London


One Ashley Road is our flagship 183-unit mixed-use development in Tottenham Hale, London, for client Argent Related. It comprises two residential towers that frame two sides of a courtyard block above three levels of retail and office space. Completed in 2023, ABA’s project was chosen as the first phase of a multi-architect masterplan due to the clear new civic character it will bring to this emerging high-density urban quarter.

Our project is the ‘front door’ to the masterplan. Its distinctive, sculptural silhouette and colonnaded base opposite the Tottenham Hale transport hub creates a memorable new identity rooted in place. It defines the northern edge of a new transport interchange; it acts as a threshold to a dynamic new neighbourhood and it frames an animated, characterful pedestrian passage to a new public space, offering opportunity for sitting, relaxing, and gathering.

We have created a new civic square at the ‘prow’ of our site to support local gatherings, tree-filled to support urban bird populations and to reduce urban heat. Our scheme includes a characterful new pedestrian passage that leads into the Berol Factory Courtyard.

Our scheme’s hexagonal plan geometry, colour and patterning are all inspired by this historic local context. With a rich orange brick outer skin and a faceted metal courtyard façade, the design is inspired from both the graphic colours and hexagonal forms of the iconic Berol Eagle Pencil. These have been translated formally as abstract surface patterns within the architecture of the building, gathering and reflecting light into its heart. A secluded residents podium garden and resident’s co-work space at third floor level is sheltered from street noise and at 7th floor level, a south-facing communal roof garden is visible from afar.  With a double height colonnade offering a civic frontage to Tottenham Hale,  this building will bring identity, character, human scale and quality of life for its new and existing communities.

Related Argent
20,600 m²
Site Area
3,188 m²
14 / 20
574 d/ha
Completed 2023
Whitby Wood
Facade Engineer
Building Services
Fire Engineer
Landscape Architect
Andy Sturgeon
Planning Consultant
Sandy Brown
Malcolm Hollis
Filippo Bolognese